Territory War 2 - Strategy game.

Attack the enemy team and conquer the territories in territory war 2.

Territory War 2

At the beginning of Territory War 2 you'll be allowed to name your team, as well as the players on your team. To defeat your enemy you must either knock them into the water, or diminish their health with a bunch of individual attacks. In this game your team will take turns moving, and you'll have to strategically harm the other team using the options presented. You can choose to move by pressing 1, or you can stay by pressing 2. In some instances it may be best to stay.

If you chose to move then you'll notice a small green meter next to the player's head. This is the distance traveled. When the meter is full your player must stop moving. You can also choose to stop moving by pressing 2. Once you have stopped moving you'll be presented with a number of attack options, including the grenade, the gun, and the boot. In Territory War 2 you can also choose to stay once you've stopped moving. If you choose the gun or the booth, then you'll be able to adjust the power of the attack by holding the spacebar and watching the power meter on the bottom right side of the game screen. It is best to calculate your attacks carefully in Territory War 2

Once you've completed the level, all of the statistics will be shown, giving you a good idea of your performance. To enhance your strategy you can view the map at any point in the game by click on the view map button in the bottom right corner of the game screen. Once viewing the map you can scroll left and right to see what obstacles lie ahead. This will give you a better chance of formulating a plot against your enemies in Territory War 2.